Cool Cord Wrap Bundle

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We all have an abundance of devices which means a lot of messy, tangled cords. These handy leather cord wraps provide much-needed cable management by untangling phone cables AND they stay connected to the cord which means you won't have to go looking for the wrap, it never leaves the cord! Available in maroon, camel, and black, you’ll finally be able to get organized and tidy up your workspace. 

Bundle Items

  • 2 Cord Wraps Camel
  • 2 Cord Wraps Black
  • 2 Cord Wraps Maroon

Support the Artisans

Feel good knowing that these pieces are ethically and sustainably sourced. They are made by artisans in India from marginalized communities. All the leather comes from a tannery that employs eco-friendly production practices. This includes the collection of rainwater to reduce water use, choosing natural vegetable-based dyes to avoid harsh toxins in the dying process, and utilizing responsible centralized effluent systems. Thanks for choosing ethical fashion and shopping with a purpose.