Be our guest!

Made for Freedom Foundation is excited to feature you as at guest on Impact Conversations. You are truly an inspiration and we look forward to learning more about how you have been impacting and transforming lives in your community.

Interviews will be conducted via Zoom and typically last 20-40 minutes. Our conversation will be recorded and then pushed out on social media within a few days. Later, it will be edited for publishing on YouTube, a podcast and a blog post.

Schedule your interview

After setting a time that works for you, look for an email with details for the Zoom meeting.
If you don't see a calendar below, please open this page in Chrome.

Provide background information

Drop element here!

Prepare for your interview

We provide some simple tips on how to prepare for a smooth and successful interview experience. This includes setting up your space, providing some background information and scheduling your interview. 

Set up your space

Distraction-free zone

Consider using a closed space with minimal background noise such as a room with a door. 
Remove any distracting visuals that will be visible on camera in the background. 


Wear headphones with a built-in microphone so we can capture good, clear sound. A professional headset and separate microphone would be ideal for the best quality.


Ensure you have the best possible indoor lighting in the room and close the blinds. Position the camera directly in front of you rather than angled from above or below.

Thank you.
We look forward to our conversation and sharing your impact!