"I hate the issue of human trafficking.
I want to be part of the solution."

Would you know if it was happening right next to you?

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and Action Items and be better equipped.

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Do you know the risk factors that make people more vulnerable to exploitation?

Are you looking for ways to get involved in the fight against human trafficking?

Download a free PDF below of Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items.

How Can I Join The Fight
Against Human Trafficking?



Become familiar with the Red Flags that can help you identify trafficking.



Learn more about the vulnerabilities that lead to exploitation.


Take Action

Arm yourself with practical steps to prevent further exploitation.

How can I make an impact in combatting human trafficking?

Stories come out regularly about ordinary people...

IDENTIFYING that something about a situation is wrong,

UNDERSTANDING the danger that can result from exploitation, and then

TAKING ACTION to step in and prevent or rescue.

The Flight Attendant

IDENTIFIED red flags between a young girl and the man traveling with her.
UNDERSTOOD common issues in communicating with someone who is being trafficked.
TOOK ACTION by communicating with the victim in a way that would be discreet.

The Result

The trafficker was met by law enforcement when the plane landed. The young lady was free and given the care she needed.

Download the PDF so you can also IDENTIFY red flags and be part of the solution!

Human Trafficking; Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items (8.5 × 6 in) (3).png__PID:c8e21d66-1c62-4606-becd-76e7a6399b21

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What are the Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items
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