Human Trafficking

Would you know if it was happening right next to you?

You've heard about human trafficking, but do you realize it is the fastest-growing illegal industry? If we are going to prevent, slow, or end this atrocity, we all must do what we can. Download a free PDF below of Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items.

How Can I Join The Fight
Against Human Trafficking?


Become familiar with the red flags and risk factors.


Learn more about the vulnerabilities that lead to exploitation.


Arm yourself with actions you can take to prevent further exploitation.

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What are the Red Flags, Risk Factors, and Action Items
you need to know?

People in oppressive working conditions often feel helpless and without hope, stuck in a cycle of exploitation that keeps them from realizing their full potential. But when given the chance to work at fair wages with safe labor practices - especially for women, children and other marginalized people who are disproportionately affected by abusive or exploitative employers - opportunities open up for liberation and empowerment. That's where social enterprises like Made for Freedom come in: they offer solutions through collaboration, dignified wages, better education & training options – creating pathways towards freedom!