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Learn how to host your own DEEP Fashion Event...Online!

How it works

You plan


Think of everyone in your network and community who would like to make a difference. Online allows you to invite friends and family from anywhere to learn more about the issue and be part of the solution.


We have several options available to help you present the information you think would be most appropriate for your gathering.


For online events, you only need enough time to invite and coordinate with your guests. In-person events require two weeks notice to ship your items. You will receive an email to confirm your date or set your date if you haven’t done so already.


The online version is a link that can be shared then guided questions will spark thoughtful conversation during a virtual gathering. In-person events will require a computer, TV screen, mobile device for payments, and space to display the products.

We connect and send

  • Our DEEP Coordinator will connect with you to clarify any questions, confirm details and make sure you have all you need to have a successful event!
  • We will provide you with materials to promote the event, invite guests, and present educational material.
  • All items will be sold through our website so no need to worry about shipping or tracking product. 

Get started now!

COVID-19  UPDATE: We have all you need to schedule DEEP Fashion Event online. We will continue in-person events once advisories no longer encourage "social distancing." Please fill out the form so we can get things lined up and keep you informed.

Every item sold provides hope for those who once had none.