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Ambassadors & Campus Ambassadors

Ambassadors Empower Others by:

  • Hosting DEEP Fashion Events (online or in home)
  • Connecting Retailers with Made for Freedom

  • Holding DEEP Trunk Shows

  • Educating and Raising Awareness through their own networks


Campus Ambassadors Raise Awareness on their Campus by:


  • Educating their Peers about Human Trafficking
  • Using Social Media to Raise Awareness

  • Hosting Awareness Events

  • Connecting with Campus Ambassadors around the US


Ambassadors and Campus Ambassadors who host DEEP Fashion Events or share on social media receive cash or credit toward Made for Freedom products.

The Made for Freedom Ambassador Facebook Group will provide articles for sharing, updates and tips. 

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Do you have a significant online following?

Share the stories and products from Made for Freedom with your followers and receive 10% of resulting sales total towards free Made for Freedom products!

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deep-advocates-are-changing-lives-14-.png  Wholesale Opportunities

Today's consumers are looking for products that impact our world in a positive way. Do you have the products that will attract them?

Products made by survivors of sex trafficking and those coming out of marginalized situations means each piece has an amazing story behind it.

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Be part of our journey as we join in the global movement passionately seeking a world without human trafficking.

Donations support education and awareness events through the Made for Freedom Foundation. These donations will be tax deductible.

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Bring the Vision to Your City


Dawn Manske shares her heart for the marginalized, challenges people to look beyond fashion brand names, and inspires those who hear her story. If your upcoming event needs to go DEEP about global issues and provide inspiration in being part of the solution, Dawn will be a great fit.

Speaker Bio for Dawn Manske