Leather Cord Wrap
Leather Cord Wrap

Cord Wrap

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All the leather is sourced from a tannery that employs eco-friendly production practices. This includes the collection of rainwater to reduce water use, choosing natural vegetable-based dyes to avoid harsh toxins in the dying process, and utilizing responsible centralized effluent systems.

Note: Shades may differ slightly from the pictures shown due to the nature of leather.


These leather cord wraps keep all of your headphones and chargers tangle-free. And with the variety of colors, it comes in, it's easy to find a shade that appeals to you or complements your other accessories.  

  • Length: 1 1/4" long    


Dignified employment provides a steady income, which leads to financial independence, healthier families, a decrease in physical abuse and an increase in gender equality. Made by marginalized artisans in India.