Professional Purses

Introducing the Professional Line of purses by Made for Freedom. Study and stylish, these purses are perfect at work or on the go. Available in a variety of fabrics including bold colors, prints and tweeds, these purses are perfect for your next meeting or special event. Each purse features a polished brash plate, leather straps, a zipper enclosure, and a number of internal pockets to keep you organized from one meeting to the next.

The Story Behind Our Ethically Made Purses

When you purchase our professional purses, you are helping us to end human trafficking, and to restore victims of exploitation around the world. Throughout history, women have often been marginalized and exploited, especially when they are part of a minority group of people within a society. Tuey, who helped to make your purse, grew up as an orphan among the Hmong people, a minority group in Thailand. Her position in society made her vulnerable, a position that was only intensified when her parents divorced, and she was sent to live with a grandmother, who enrolled her in an orphanage. 

In spite of these impediments, Tuey learned to sew and then put herself through college. In the midst of her work, she gained the crucial understanding that solid training & skills can provide real and meaningful security, which can often remove those vulnerabilities that can lead to exploitation. 

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