Why Dignified Employment?

Why is is important that people are employed in a dignified environment? Why does Made for Freedom talk about this so much? How can making sure that the companies from whom we buy our products make a more beautiful life for someone else?

The causes:

When people have no other option but to work for low wages or none in conditions that are abusive, exploitative, or otherwise oppressive, it creates a downward spiral that dehumanizes the person and takes away positive opportunities. Fair wages, safe working environments, and opporunity for growth, however, offer empowerment.

Multiple factors lead people to be employed in horrible working conditions, often women, girls, and children. Made for Freedom and other social enterprises participate in providing dignified emplpyment in the ways seen below, offering solutions through collaboration, providing dignified wages, and advocating for better practices in all fields.


Options for women who are being rescued from sex trafficking are necessary because so many are uneducated and untrained in any job field. Many who are rescued go back into the sex trade as they have no other employment readily available. They are told that their only value is to be exploited, which is a hard lie to stop believing.

The change with dignified employment:

When women get job skills and training, however, they can work to provide for themselves and/or their families. They are no longer under an oppressor's thumb and can grow and learn in an environment that reminds them of their value. We have seen women go beyond the sewing training at our partner centers and to college! The transformation in confidence, capability, and joy is incredible.

Made for Freedom employs marginalized women and survivors of sex trafficking in order to restore them to a sense of dignity and empowerment. Dignified employment matters because we are all made for freedom!