Red and purple handmade scarf - ethically made - and available at Made for Freedom. This infinity scarf was designed in Nepal.

Infinity Scarf with Braid - Mandarin-Aubergine

Creabeli Ethically Made Clothing
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Made with Dignity in Nepal

Handmade Infinity Scarves

Can’t help but feel energized by the bright and cheerful colors of the Mandarin-Aubergine Braided Infinity Scarf. Nature-inspired colors, flowing material, and braid make this a one of a kind scarf. Let the fun side of your personality shine, with this lightweight, comfortable scarf.

As soft as it is colorful, this purple, green, and orange scarf can be worn during any season. Every outfit is transformed into an eye-catching ensemble when paired with this extraordinary scarf.

Ethically Made Products

You can feel good about your purchase, knowing that you have helped provide dignified employment to survivors of sex trafficking. UNICEF estimates that 7,000 girls are trafficked across the open borders from Nepal to India each year. People watching for susceptible girls at the borders are able to intercede and offer life giving options. Our infinity scarves are made with dignity by young ladies who were intercepted and are learning trades to move forward in life, free of exploitation.

This handmade braided infinity scarf comes in other colors.



  • Handmade scarf
  • Braided infinity scarf
  • Vibrant colors
  • Infinity scarf with braid 
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